The medical gas supply is an essential component of the modern medicine. In medical centres central arrangements have become for the care with medical gases like oxygen, air pressure, laughing gas, anaesthesia gas suction and vacuum the self-evident fact. The continuous and sure care of the patients has the uppermost priority.

In the medicine the application of gases is often life-saving and is life-extending. Medical oxygen, e. g. , is the most often used medicament in the hospital. About 15 million people are supplied in German medical centres yearly with it. In the rescue service oxygen is the most-used emergency drug. Medical gases are used not only as a breath gas or to the impulse of surgical tools. They also find in the minimum-invasive surgery, for medical baths, in the cryosurgery just as with the diagnosis with magnetic resonance use. In the lab medicine medical gases and gas mixtures are used.

Central care systems of the manufacturer MEDAP mean decades of experience, continuous development and mature technology under train round lapping of the topical norms and laws.

As a system supplier of central public utility uses, cover care units and therapy devices we provide that the medical gases are transported consistently by the spring up to the patient. We solve her setting of tasks economically and rationally. Development, construction, manufacturing, investment planning, assembly and servicing lie with us in a hand. We build arrangements of every desired scale, carry out the conformance assessment procedure and issue the conformance explanation by medicine product directives. By the modular modular system of the MEDAP arrangements the current adaptation of existing arrangements to changing legal regulations by our experienced team of trained assemblers and service engineers is no problem.

We discuss you with pleasure in all questions on the central medical gas supply system.

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