gas terminals

The gas terminals certified by DIN EN ISO 9170-1 are planned for the withdrawal of medical gases or vacuum from a central gas supply. It’s the intersection point between the medical gas supply system and the withdrawal armatures.

The withdrawal of oxygen, compressed air, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide and vacuum occurs by a secure, detachable and gas-specific plug-in connection. The sampling points and plug-in connections are designed gas-specific. The gas terminals should be used only in central gas supply systems which certified by DIN EN ISO 7396-1, DIN EN 737-3 or DIN 13260-1 which are equipped with a alarm system for not permitted operating pressures.

The gas terminals can be delivered in different versions and different installation variants. An installation in massive walls or lightweight construction wall is as possible as the installation in wall or ceiling supplies of different manufacturers.

gas terminal type H

The gas terminal type H was developed in the years between 1996 to 1999 in view of the forthcomming european standard. Since 1999 they are in use all over the world.

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gas terminal type E

The gas terminal type E was developed in the years between 1978 to 1984 due to the introduction of DIN 13260-2.
Before 1984 the first gas terminals of this design were already brought into operation at
the request of the customers.

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gas terminal type G

The gas terminal type G was developed as the successor of the gas terminal type C and is used since 1979.
It is a gas terminal for medical gases with the company-specific connector coding by MEDAP type C

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